Jason Derulo and YouTube Musician Tyler Ward Collaborate On Newly Released Acoustic Cover

YouTube musician Tyler Ward just released a new music video in collaboration with singer-songwriter Jason Derulo that covers Derulo’s new single “The Other Side.” Ward shared with NMR: “ Warner Brothers Records were interested in getting Jason and I together to promote his new single, The Other Side. The experience was amazing! Jason was very easy to work with and such a cool dude. It was unreal getting to work with such a talented artist. I think this collaboration proves that Youtube musicians have a lot of power in the music industry, and are becoming more and more of an established credibility in the mainstream world.” Ward originally started on YouTube in 2008, and after developing a large fanbase of his own, he started the production company Tyler Ward Music that has helped launched the careers of fellow YouTube musicians like Alex G, Megan Nicole and EPPIC.

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