Jason Derulo Collaborates With Max Schneider, Kurt Hugo Schneider On New ‘The Other Side’ Cover [VIDEO]

Kurt Hugo Schneider just released to his channel his newest video that covers Jason Derulo’s single “The Other Side” and features vocals by Max Schneider, actress Keke Palmer and a surprise appearance by Derulo himself.

“I’ve always thought Jason was an incredible performer so getting to work with him was great!” Max Schneider shared with NMR. “I think collaboration is so important, and bringing together different audiences to enjoy a single product created by two very different artists is always amazing. My favorite experience was watching Jason dance solo. He is ridiculously talented. It was cool to get a private performance.”

Last week, Derulo collaborated on a video of the same song with YouTube musician Tyler Ward that has since been viewed close to 240,000 times.

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