Jesse Heiman ‘YouTube Allstar’ Gets Creepy After Clubbing – Where’s Harley Morenstein Now? [VIDEO]

Maybe Harley Morenstein and friends didn’t teach Godaddy nerd and face of the “Social Star Awards” Jesse Heiman the right set of skills?

Heiman, after partying at a club, tries to go in for a Bar Refaeli-style lip lock on “Twilight” actress Nikki Reed — apparently not realizing the universal body language for “not interested.” TMZ captures the footage as Reed physically has to yank away from the “YouTuber” while pointing out that she has a husband nearby.

Heiman was recently featured in a series of promotional YouTube videos for the “Social Star Awards” being trained by Morenstein, Jenna Marbles and other new media celebs on how to “be a better YouTuber.”

Damn nerds thinking they’re cool … I told you people those “Revenge of the Nerd” movies would come at a price.

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