Justin Bieber Accused Of Being High In Instagram Video, Sadness Invades Teenage Hearts Worldwide

Biebs, what are you doing with your life? Justin Bieber (you may have heard of him), released his first Instagram video yesterday and — you may be shocked to discover — people are accusing the young singer of being high on marijuana cigarettes.

TMZ released the Instagram video with the title: “Justin Bieber — High? Or Definitely High?,” which has since sparked a heated debate among Beliebers and non-Beliebers alike. I’m just going to drop the objective journalistic front for a minute and ask the world’s population one question: Why the fuck does anyone care?

He’s a kid who received an outrageous amount of fame in a very short period of time — of course he’s going to be a little nuts. Let the kid smoke some pot, not wear a shirt and place hats on top of his head at distorted angles.

Also, while I’m editorializing — Knibb High football rules, NBC should have never canceled “Go On” and what ever happened to that Spider-Man cereal?


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