Kaleb Nation, Other YouTubers Speculate Amanda Bynes’ Crazy Antics All Publicity Stunt [VIDEO]

I guess every “journalist” gets offered their own “Watergate” story at some point in their career. It all depends on if you’re willing to do the legwork to put the story together. My “Watergate,” whether I want it to be or not, seems to be Amanda Bynes.

As she’s become a sort of “social media darling” what with her outlandish Twitter flip-flopping and multiple citations and arrests, she’s popped up as story fodder a time or two before. As a result of this, I am now starting to become the hub for people passing along information and theories about whether, in fact, she is, “crazy as a shithouse rat.”


Kaleb Nation hit me up this morning with the assertion (and included video) that it is all shrewd operating on her part, rather than some sort of mental/emotional breakdown. Normally I would dismiss this as the usual pitch for a little lip service on a particular video, but 1. Kaleb raises some interesting points in his video (after all, as he points out in his email, he literally wrote the book on viral marketing and conspiracies) and 2. he’s not the first YouTuber to suggest this to me (cue ominous music).

Jenna Marbles’ foil, Brad “the Lad” Long, badgered me a short while ago with the claim that he “knew Amanda Bynes,” that they had “done a failed TV pilot together” and that both he and “Lance Bass” (yes, that Lance Bass) were of the shared opinion that this was all a publicity stunt. Of course, I naturally wrote Brad the Lad Long off as “crazy as a shithouse rat’s crazier, shittier brother,” particularly after he sent me the worst Photoshopped picture of “him and Amanda together.” But Kaleb is not crazy (he’s too tan to be crazy), and if Kaleb isn’t krazy (sorry, my OCD need for alliteration dictated that I do that), then maybe Brad isn’t so far off either (terrible, terrible Photoshopped photo notwithstanding).


My concern now is: what good can come of this? Clearly, if Amanda isn’t off her rocker, then she is shrewd — dangerously shrewd. We’re talking “lady from ‘Basic Instinct’” shrewd. And if that’s the case, do you really think she’s going to want some nosy kids poking around, stirring up the proverbial hornets’ nest? This is like a real-life episode of “Scooby Doo”! I’m just saying that Kaleb and Brad should probably watch who they let tie them up in bed for the next couple of weeks, because chances are, there just might be an ice pick under the mattress.

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