Kanye West Hates YouTube’s Layout — Why No One Should Care, Ever


Hey guys, Kanye West hates the way YouTube looks, so let’s all make a big deal about it, okay?

According to the Daily Beast, at a listening party for his new album titled — wait for it — “Yeezus,” the rapper/”Jetsons” movie set designer told a group of socialites: “[I hate YouTube because] the player is so ugly, and it’s presented in such a terrible manner. I want everything I do to be presented in an art context, as this is a form of sonic art.”

Before we get too worked up about this in one way or the other, let’s remember that West has a new album coming out in June. This type of manufactured controversy has become all too popular recently, especially when pointed in YouTube’s direction.

It seems to work like this: if you have something about to launch or a big announcement, just drop some controversial opinion, either written or verbal, about the broadest subject possible. In West’s case, it was YouTube, something literally millions of people can relate to.

It’s a troubling practice simply because West is coming at YouTube from a completely different angle than the other 99 percent of people who frequent the site. This is a millionaire rap mogul who is pissed because people can’t view his work as “sonic art,” yet his insane ranting is what gets picked up by the media.

There are thousands of YouTubers unhappy with the new layout, but their voices are either never heard or simply ignored by Google. These are people with legitimate worries that pertain to careers they’ve worked to build on YouTube. Now that West — someone who releases about three YouTube videos a year — chimes in, suddenly people start to listen, which is a problem.

At this point in our culture, West’s rants are taken about as seriously as Gary Busey saying he’s sobered up. So, when the rapper starts going in on YouTube, it is written off as yet another nonsensical rant, although YouTube’s new layout is a serious concern. Just by mentioning it, West is cheapening the validity of actually compelling arguments against the new layout.

Then again, West did also spark the greatest meme of all time, “imma let you finish,” so maybe he’s not so bad.


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