Kmart Up In Arms Over ‘Ship My Knickers’ Parody [VIDEO]

Watch it while you can, because Kmart’s legal team is going to be all over this. Jumping on the “words that sound like dirty, no-no ones” bandwagon, this improv group, TheGunfordmay, has made a “Ship my pants”-style parody where they use “knickers” because it sounds like … well a word that only black people and John Mayer are allowed to say. And so the group, who actually filmed their scenes within a Kmart, utilize customers being impressed that they can get “work knickers,” “house knickers” and “dancing knickers.” Hell, if you don’t live near a Kmart, they’ll ship you your “knickers.” By boat.

Is it funny or over the line? I’ve got my opinion, but I’ll let you decide for yourselves. No word yet, on whether this vid will kill the fun of the actual ads for everyone.

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