Library Pranks Are Funny But Have A Limited … Shelf Life [VIDEO]

I think pranks like this are not long for this earth. They succeed currently because people still haven’t gotten into that mindset that they’re likely always on film. That will likely come with the next generation. In the future, when someone shows up with a horse mask on or starts making an “inconvenient ruckus,” kids will instruct them, “Just do what you gotta do already and move the fuck on. Also, no, I do not consent to be on camera.” And that will be that. Of course, that’s also banking on the idea that cyborgs haven’t enslaved the human race and begun making us perform in their repulsive version of a circus … just doing awful, awful things to please their warped cyborg sensibilities. Naturally, with my hammy physique, I would be an especially pleasing puppet for their demented machinations … I can see it now … so much pleasure … so much pain … (Jeff lights cigarette, puffs twice, extinguishes it on wrist). Sorry, where were we?

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