Mandy: Growing Up Has Never Seemed Funnier [YOUTUBE NEXT VLOGGER SERIES 2013]

You just did an interesting upload growing up or the lack thereof, how does YouTube play into that? Being a YouTuber is as untraditional as a career could get, do you consider just tossing it all on becoming a banker or something like that?

I think YouTube has allowed me to stay creative and silly. Which I love. I had a lot of friends who work in many different fields. And I can them starting to hate their jobs and career paths or get into a routine and are bored with what they are doing. I am fortunate as everything I do is completely new and different. And I love that. 

Being a YouTuber isn’t my career. I would love it to be, but it will not be financially viable for me. It’s my hobby that has influenced a career, I wouldn’t have one without it. And I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. It allows me to be silly and collaborate with amazing people. I never ever want to work in an office 9-6 everyday again (I have done it in the past) or a job I hate because of the idea of job security. That’s my idea of my own personal hell. I love the fact that my days are constantly different and I can choose to do what I like. A creative job is a job of freedom. At least I like to think so.

Watching your videos you seem to have a natural fear or aversion towards time passing, what stresses you out so much about getting older and years passing?

It’s not that I hate getting older, in some respects I very much love it. I think because the landscape of Youtube is constantly getting younger you can occasionally feel like ‘an older model of YouTuber’. I also think I am a very ambitious person and I have set goals career wise. I want to reach them in the next few years as I feel your twenties is when you become the person you will probably be the rest of your life… and that’s a lot of pressure!! 

I am also realising over the last few years I may have focussed more on other people’s goals and careers rather than my own and let what I wanted to do slide because I would always follow them – almost to another country! And that was a mistake. Your twenties are for you to be selfish and become who you are and do the things you want to do. I am now just starting to get that. Took me some time, but I am getting there. And it feels good to put me first for once. I find I am less stressed about the future now.

You won YouTube Next Vlogger, which offered a ton of gear and training, do you think it will help your channel a lot?

I do think it will help, I am excited to have something functioning I can edit on and produce more content! More than anything I think I love the fact I get to speak to more like minded people and learn things I wouldn’t have before. I would like to think it is going to help my channel as I learn to become a regular uploader again, but only time will tell! YouTube is a fickle stage and I will be on it nonetheless. 

About YouTube Next Vlogger Series 2013:

YouTube gave its yearly shoutout back in April for motivated YouTube creators with “stories of personal triumph” to apply for their Next Vlogger award — a sort of spotlight program for YouTube stars-in-the-making. This year, they’ve selected 15 unique voices from around the world that are challenging the way we think, wowing us or just plain making us laugh. In exchange for that, the recipients get mentoring from industry leaders, $4,000 worth of equipment and channel promotion.

NMR always wants to give you the first and best look at emerging talent, so we’ve reached out to these creators for a little more info on just who they are and why you should be paying attention. Past winners of the Next Vlogger award include Danisnotonfire and Black Nerd Comedy, so this 2013 class is definitely full of up-and-coming creators to keep an eye on.

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