Meteorologist is Scared Sh*tless During Broadcast By ‘Attacking’ Spider [VIDEO]

“Arachnophobia,” the film about a family attacked by a legion of killer spiders, is probably the scariest movie on the planet to me — and I don’t even mind creepy crawlies. So I can sort of imagine what is going through this poor meteorologist’s head when a spider crawls across her projector and is beamed, massively, onto the wall above her.

Kristi Gordon, a meteorologist with Global B.C. News in Vancouver, now has 1.9 million additional sympathizers after being terrified on air by what she clearly thinks is the devil in the form of a giant arachnid, come to claim her back to hell. Shrieking, she runs behind a eastwardly moving cloud cover as the anchors taunt her and point out that the giant bug is not only not giant — it’s not even in the same room with her.

Chances that she pissed herself are at 90 percent and this viral clip is likely going to embarrass her at least through the weekend. Now here’s Bob with sports …

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