NMR E3 2013 Live Coverage: Freddie W, Wong Fu & Mega 64 on Microsoft vs. Sony [VIDEO]

Did you think NMR was only at E3 to screw around, play video games and convince booth babes we’re Hollywood directors? Well, you’re wrong. In fact, we’ve been tirelessly hunting down every and any YouTuber at E3 to find out firsthand what they are playing at the show and who they think won the great console war of 2013 — Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo?

As day one of E3 rolled along, NMR caught up with YouTube VFX master Freddie W, the great dudes from Wong Fu, past featured interviewees Mega 64 and makeup maven Jen From Head to Toe. Kapow!

Check out the video above and stay tuned for more E3 coverage from NMR.


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