Mom Under Fire For Posting Teen Daughter’s ‘Roof Jump Fail’ Video Online

It’s rare that you get answers to those crazy “fail” videos randomly uploaded to the internet, but for this latest viral video about a Phoenix girl jumping off her roof and missing her pool, the real drama is in the answers.
19-year-old Nicole took a bikini-clad plunge off her roof, intending to leap into her swimming pool. At the last second though, she chickens out and slams down on the concrete patio instead. The hilarious-seeming incident is captured on video. Only, the aftermath is not quite as funny.

“I felt numbness to my whole body. I mean, the impact. Then I screamed and went to the hospital,” recalled Nicole, who broke both of her heels as well as other parts of her legs. “I guess I exploded my cartilage. So (doctors) have to puzzle-piece it back together.”

Nicole, who is temporarily wheelchair-bound, can’t work and so, to raise funds, her mom posted the “fail” video to, hoping to raise some sympathy cash to pay her daughter’s bills. Naturally, the video went viral. But its viral appeal also brought out the detractors.

“She meant well,” Nicole explains of her mother, who has caught a ton of flak from commenters over her decision to post. The faceless voices of the internet are calling Nicole’s mom a “bad mother” and “negligent” (though her daughter at 19, is legally an adult). She pulled the video, but the damage has been done. Now Nicole has licensed the video, deciding that since it’s out there anyway, she might as well make a little money off it.

Experts call this the “Paris Hilton technique.”

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