‘Sailor Moon’ Fan Channel Makes Papercraft Music Videos to Raise Funds for Sex Reassignment Surgery [INTERVIEW]


Evan MacIsaac is one of the many oddball “free spirit-types” that make YouTube the dynamic and bewildering cyberscape that it is. Because of people like Evan, whose self-titled channel is wholly devoted to his “Sailor Moon” cosplay, certain corners of YouTube emit the vibe of some darkly dystopian, yet neon, future city. If YouTube were “Blade Runner,” then certainly Evan MacIsaac would be Pris, the enigmatic and acrobatic cyborg.

Dressing up like the characters of the animated Japanese show “Sailor Moon,” in which a posse of teenage manga vixens keep the world safe from evil, Evan has channeled his inner uniqueness into an outward showing of bizarrely engaging hobby cum performance art (no, not that type of cum). And now, there is more at play with his channel, as Evan has repurposed it into a charity for his roommate Robbie — a transgender man looking to undergo a bilateral mastectomy, i.e. removal of the breasts. Hopefully, Evan’s engaging personality can bring some support to Robbie as well as educate folks about how these so-called “elective” surgeries aren’t merely cosmetic in nature.

As Evan sings in his music video, “Sailor Amazing,” “I don’t care if you don’t like my hair, because I know it’s amazing.” That’s exactly the sort of attitude one needs to make this all work out. And I assure you, Evan brings it full-force, Sailor Moon-style — “In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!”

How did you become obsessed with Sailor Moon in the first place?

Evan MacIsaac: I started watching “Sailor Moon” with some friends in eighth grade, and the action and fighting sequences appealed to me. I was enamored by how rich the series was between the comic, cartoon, and musical plots. There is a vivid romanticism to the story, and the story is so dense that I still find new things in it.

Which character is your favorite to dress up as?

My favorite character to dress as would probably be Uranus, because her short hair and lack of accessories make the costume easiest to make. I do enjoy them all, with some exception to Jupiter/Neptune, since they make green-screening a nightmare.

Where do you get the music for your performances?

I heard “Do My Thing” randomly on a mix a friends made, and it got stuck in my head. My latest video “Amazing” has been a power-jam with my friends for a few years, after seeing a “Chloe” video by Drew Droege. The rest of my music videos (and I use that term loosely …) are from soundtracks at my old jobs or songs I grew up with.

You’re trying to raise money for a friend who is looking to have “top surgery.” Can you explain a little more about that?

My roommate/kickass friend Robbie is having top surgery, and it’s not covered by insurance. He recently made a page where friends can contribute to the funds he has already saved, which I linked to in a few of my videos. Top surgery is another way of saying bilateral mastectomy. Most insurances consider this procedure elective, though a competent medical professional would surely disagree with that.

I made my review series because of my love for Sailor Moon, including the program’s progressive attitude toward gender identity and expression. I’ve had viewers donate/reblog the fundraiser page, which is humbling and exciting to see. Anyone who has enjoyed my videos has Robbie to thank in part, because he contributes to an incredible household that enables me to make such magic.

Check out the GoFundMe page at: http://www.gofundme.com/322s08

What one video of yours best represents your whole channel?

I think my most recent music video “Sailor Amazing” would best sum up my channel. At the end of the day, I make costumes out of paper. I dance around terribly. I make people laugh and cringe at the same time. Love it or hate it, that’s what makes me amazing.

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