Musician Alex G Holds YouTube Contest To Find Opening Act For Upcoming LA And NYC Concerts

YouTube musician Alex G just announced that she will be headlining her very own L.A. and NYC concerts in late July and is currently holding a YouTube contest to find the opening acts for her shows. “These two concerts are extremely important to me,” Alex shares with NMR. “I’m finally getting to make a name for myself in a big way by headlining my first two shows. This is the beginning of an amazing journey and will determine the path I take towards making my dreams come true.”

Alex got her start on YouTube after winning a contest hosted by YouTube musician Tyler Ward. Since winning the contest, Alex’s YouTube channel has grown to nearly 700,000 subscribers and given her the chance to collaborate with musicians such as Max Schneider, Tyler Ward, Jason Chen and Taryn Southern.

Now looking to pay it forward, Alex is hoping to give her fans the same opportunity that Tyler Ward gave her. “I decided to hold this contest through YouTube because it’s an amazing way to make the fans a part of this experience,” says Alex.

“I think it’s important that they feel a part of the beginning of this journey. Also, I was given a chance to get to do what I love through a similar contest that Tyler Ward created three years ago. I wanna give back by making that same opportunity for my fans now!”

The winner will have the chance to open for 20 minutes and then perform a duet with Alex during the concert. To enter the contest, participants must film a video of themselves singing and upload it as a video response to Alex’s video announcement linked above. The due date for video submissions is July 8, and two winners will be picked based on the amount of views, likes, comments and shares their videos on July 20.

Concert tickets go on sale tomorrow, June 21, and can be ordered here for her LA concert and here for her NYC concert.

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