Nearly All Nonprofits Agree Online Video Is Essential To Their Message, Says Survey


How are non-profit organizations using online video to spread their message? Nonprofit communications company See3, YouTube and public relations firm Edelman recently published “Into Focus,” a report detailing how nonprofit organizations use online video.

The report summarizes the relationship between nonprofit organizations and online video in their executive summary: “Nonprofits overwhelmingly agree that video is crucial to their communications, but many feel they do not know how to use it effectively or measure its impact – yet.”

The three organizations involved in the survey reached out to 7,000 See3 subscribers, 50 non-profit affiliated blogs and 200 non-profits listed on Charity Navigator that represented a diverse range of organizations in the arts, religion, education, animals and other sectors.

Eight out of ten respondents said that online video is important to their organization today and that 91 percent of them predict that online video will be important in the next three years. About 92 percent of respondents said that they value their investment in video production and 87 percent said that they want to create more videos.

As for how organizations use online video, 87 percent said that their goal is for marketing and raising awareness, 46 percent for fundraising, 32 percent for membership and development relations and 30 percent for advocacy.

Although many nonprofit organizations said that they intend to create more videos, it’s easier said than done. Two-thirds, or 66 percent, of nonprofits surveyed said they work on a budget of $10,000 or less to produce videos and 62 percent of them said they direct little or no staff resources in creating content for their organization.

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