New Comscore Numbers Show Top YouTube Creators’ Audiences Are Painfully Small

Comscore recently released some fairly troubling numbers for any creators looking to break away from YouTube with the intention of no longer splitting revenue (everyone is talking about it). The figures, which were culled per AdWeek’s request, tell a sobering tale about how large some creators’ audiences really are.

Looking at over a dozen creators, Comscore summarized that, as put by AdWeek’s Mike Shields: “all but two fell below comScore’s minimum audience threshold, which tops out at around 50,000 unique users. In other words, their audiences are negligible.”

Shields, of course, goes ahead and does the journalistic equivalent of covering all bases and states that in no way is this list comprehensive and that Comscore is capable of making mistakes. But, among the channels analyzed, only Vevo and Smosh break that 50,000 unique user threshold. Ouch.


This all ties into creators trying to break away from YouTube in a way that might not be all that fun to think about — most creators cannot survive outside of YouTube with audiences this small.

Based on star power alone, even creators like Ray William Johnson — who didn’t break the 50,000 mark — would have a hard time thriving outside of YouTube. Johnson’s recent foray into comedy television may prove tougher than anticipated. Even if he broke that 50,000 threshold, Johnson would still be far away from bringing in the 10 million plus viewers shows like “The Big Bang Theory” average every week.

But, that is based on star power and built-in audience alone. That’s not adding in factors like network marketing, additional star power, showrunners and the actual quality of the show. The cast of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” had virtually zero audience, but the show is still a smash success.

You can check out Comscore’s findings below: 7 million uniques 1 million uniques  (850+ bill views) n/a

Epic Meal Time (5 mill subs) n/a n/a (2.3 bill views) n/a

Epic Rap Battles of History (6.1 million subs) n/a n/a

My Damn Channel/dailygrace n/a n/a n/a (home of 11 season series Red vs. Blue) n/a

VevoTV n/a


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