Nintendo Defends Decision To Forgo E3 Press Conference In Favor Of YouTube, Social Media-Driven Events

At this year’s E3, Nintendo is forgoing traditional press conferences in favor of a more social-media driven approach. Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo America took to Facebook recently to defend the controversial decision, which was revealed during a financial briefing held by Nintendo in April.

The move away from big media press conferences will see Nintendo broadcasting their press events over Facebook, Twitter and primarily YouTube. The switch has made fans of the company nervous, something Fils-Aime speaks to in the Facebook video:

“People are wondering how we can possibly share information about all our games without all the bells and whistles of a press conference,” said Fils-Aime, who went on to explain Nintendo’s reasoning behind forgoing an E3 conference.


As we wrote earlier in May, “Within the razor-thin margins of the game industry, developers must know how to expand their audience while also giving diehard fans every possible scrap of E3 news.” Nintendo is focusing on this principle by using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as content delivery systems.

Nintendo’s E3 digital conference schedule looks like this:

Nintendo Direct Conference – June 11 @ 7AM PT

Developer Interviews – June 11 @ 12PM PT

“Software Showcase Recap” – June 11 @ 1PM PT

Wrap-up Video – June 11 @ 7PM PT

The company will also be delivering a regular flow of news and coverage via their various social media channels.


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