NMR Comment Roundup: VidCon, Grumpy Cat and Atheists


NMR Comment Roundup highlights the best talking points of the week that are submitted by you, our readers, through the comment section of our daily articles. For the sake of brevity and grammar, comments have been edited and or shortened. Happy reading.

The VidCon Effect


VidCon 2013 is right around the corner, and we brought you some interesting statistics about the convention including the staggering fact that over 10,000 attendees are expected. However, commenter John Welsh wondered about the qualifications of VidCon’s confirmed “special guests” and whether they were, in fact, all that special:

“Last week I started looking over the stats for many of the “Special Guests” at VidCon. I was amazed to see that one of them had as little as 74,000 TOTAL video views. My five year old daughter might consider that amazing, but I would hope that most other YouTube users do not. I had more views than that last night. I guess to be a “Special Guest” you just have to pay for all your own travel costs, stay at a nominated hotel, pay all your own expenses etc? Its close to being like the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. “Hey, we are giving you the honour of being inducted into the RnR Hall of Fame… That will be $30,000 for a table please”.”

Cashing in on Grumpy Cat

Earlier this week, we brought you the story of Ben Lashes, manager of meme starts like Grumpy Cat and Keyboard cat. As it turns out, many of you aren’t so fond of someone cashing in on internet icons like Ridiculously Photogenic Guy and Success Kid. The incredibly named Magnus Sparkle Engmo Stenersen writes:

“The media, slowly destroying the internet.”

His thoughts were backed by Charlie Loring who is less than pleased with Lashes. He writes:

“Fuck that guy”

The YouTube Dilemma

Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis wrote an interesting post asking creators to look outside of YouTube for revenue streams, which we analyzed at NMR. While Calacanis’ post was well-received by some, commenter Whiskey & Waffles questioned the entrepreneur’s credibility:

“I started writing a long rebuttal, but then I remembered this is an article about Jason Calacanis… not exactly a scholar on the subject. Sounds like he is still mad that Google made it so his content farm wouldn’t turn a profit anymore.

To which Calacanis responded:

“I’m not mad at Google, I just think they are not good partners to content companies these days. Didn’t used to be like that sadly.

Like many big companies they put themselves and their needs above their partners, and it’s up to partners to walk away if they feel it’s not sustainable. I had the opportunity to partner with them for a while, but I think they haven’t been good enough to partners–and I think they are rigid in their approach to our concerns.

My hope is that another person comes into the space in order to provide more options that are less onerous to content creators. And no tears for me, I’ve got plenty going on and I will be just fine.”

Maker Studios vs YouTube


Rumors surfaced this week that multi-channel network Maker Studios was attempting to create a YouTube competitor site. While the rumors have since been deemed “dubious” by AdWeek, commenters still questioned the long-term success of a Maker-operated YouTube rival video site. Carey Martell writes:

“I personally don’t see much value in trying to build “Youtube competitor” platforms. There is already Vimeo, blip.tv, Dailymotion and so forth. They have had trouble competing against Youtube.”

Hari Jeevakumar also questioned whether or not YouTube, the platform that helped the MCN, would see this as a betrayal:

“This is going to be interesting….wonder what YouTube thinks about this. It was YouTube who originally gave MCNs an opportunity to become a business, now the original MCN is turning their back on YouTube.”

Shaycarl Backpedals


Shaycarl received backlash recently after he uploaded footage in which he referred to those who don’t believe in God as “stupid.” The vlogger later apologized for the comments, but Joshua Stern Lmt still questioned the fact that Shaycarl seemed to have intentionally left the comments in:

“The thing I find to be disturbing, is that as soon as he said it, he knew it was a mistake and still had a chance to edit it out. He decided to keep it in the vlog knowing that he would get backlash for it. I love Shay, but when you bring things like this (religion) into play, you are asking for backlash and might lose fans. I respect others beliefs, just don’t talk bad about mine or anyone else’s.”

Commenter Tyler Mahon offered a possible reason for Shaycarl not editing the footage out:

“If he edited it out I’m sure someone would have found out about it down the line and could have possibly caused far more backlash. People would have thought he was trying to hide it where by leaving it in everyone knows he already said it.”

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading and tune in next week for more NMR comment roundup.