NMR E3 2013 Live Coverage: J.D. Witherspoon & Lamarr Wilson Share Tales Of Gaming [VIDEO]

Ah, day two of E3 2013, a day when lack of sleep, nonstop gaming and poor eating habits begin to set in among the gathered attendees rendering the show floor into something straight out of a George R. Romero flick. Shambling along with the gaming dead are, of course, YouTubers.

It has been a big show for tech announcements, so NMR caught up with none other than YouTube tech master Lamarr Wilson, who told us his pick for the console war of 2013 as well as the games he’ll be playing all week at E3. NMR also ran into YouTube funny man J.D Witherspoon who was accompanied by Aussie gamer ChampChong.

You can check what these great YouTubers had to say about E3 this year in the video above. Stay tuned to NMR for more E3 coverage; same bat-time, same bat-channel.


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