NMR E3 2013 Live Coverage: The Smosh Games Crew Explain Why Nintendo Is King [VIDEO]

The final day of E3 came and went, and while we return to the drudgery of everyday life devoid of assault rifles and robot monsters, we can take some small comfort in knowing that E3 2014 is only 364 days away. Oh god, that isn’t comforting at all.

Before you go tossing yourself off a bridge, remember that NMR, in our constant pursuit to maintain our readers’ will to live, have brought you some of E3’s best moments as told by YouTubers. So far, weighing in on this year’s show, we’ve spoken to Freddie W, Mega 64, Lamarr Wilson and J.D Witherspoon, just to name a few.

It’s been a real cavalcade of YouTube talent, and today’s offering is no different. Straight from the geekiest parts of the internet, we caught up with the crew behind Alloy Digital’s Smosh Games as well as VFX master Sam Gorski of Corridor Digital to talk their favorite E3 memories and games that genuinely scared them.

Join us and relive the glory that was E3 2013, or as it will come to be known: Microsoft’s Waterloo, but with far less death and far more gamer rage.


For All The E3 Rage:

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