No More Mixed Up Recommendations: Netflix To Launch Multiple User Profiles By Late August


Netflix will make it easier for households that share one account to create multiple profiles, Vice President of Innovation Todd Yellin told Yahoo News.

He said that the video-streaming platform will launch the feature sometime by late August. The move would end the frustration of multiple users mixing up their Netflix recommendations. Up to five or six users will be able to set up profiles that will suggest recommendations based on their own watch histories.

Netflix unveiled a prototype of the multiple-profile setup at the E3 conference in Los Angeles this week. When Netflix is launched on a screen, it will show a screen that asks “Who’s Watching?” and then give a list of profiles linked to the account that the current user can choose from. Once an account’s avatar is selected, Netflix would then take the user to an individual profile that features recommendations and customized viewing history.

The new multiple-profile setup doesn’t mean that all six profiles can watch Netflix at the same time, however. Netflix will only allow up to two profiles to watch content on the platform simultaneously.

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