Oscar Mayer Suggests Bacon For the Perfect Father’s Day Gift [VIDEO]

As an ad man at heart, I love clever gimmicks, pitches and products. This ad for Oscar Mayer bacon nearly hits that stride.

It’s got the right idea — selling bacon to guys like De Beers sells diamonds to women. It even has a website where, for a limited time, you can order a felt-covered box of bacon for your loved one to open like the world’s tastiest engagement ring.

Unfortunately, unlike the Dollar Shave Club CEO/pitchman, Oscar Mayer’s CEO doesn’t quite have the same cool cache, and ends up bogging down the commercial with his scripted “cool speak.” But he’s kind of got this accent like a “Die Hard” villain and the whole time, all I could think was “Get out of my bacon commercial, you commie!” Sure, he’s probably a savvy European capitalist, but I’m a fat, loud American who loves bacon, pickup trucks and war. So you can expect a certain level of ignorance from me.

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