Panicked Kid’s Cymbal Breaks During Star Spangled Banner, Hilariously Doesn’t Know What To Do [VIDEO]

There is something beautifully heroic about this kid’s reaction to his cymbal breaking during a rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner.” I think in the same situation, I would have shit my pants, started sobbing and then sat down in the shit until some embarrassed parent (not one of mine, they wouldn’t have been there — they would have been down at the dog tracks betting the money they saved from investing in inferior cymbals) dragged me off the basketball court, a trail of my own tear-soaked excrement left in my wake. And probably the basketball team’s star shooting guard would have slipped in it and broken his elbow, thereby costing our team our chance at the national title. So good work, kid, is what I guess I am saying.

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