#PaulasBestDishes Twitter Meme Pokes Fun at Celebrity Chef’s Alleged Racism


Paula Deen, the diabetes-inducing Southern TV chef known for her love of all things butter, would be careful to crack any racist jokes in the future. The National Enquirer reported that a deposition video related to a lawsuit against the celebrity chef shows Deen admitting that she has used the “n-word” openly and claimed when it comes to racist jokes, “I can’t determine what offends another person.”

Normally, the internet would give Deen hell and troll her Facebook and Twitter pages, but some clever soul on Twitter has created the #PaulasBestDishes hashtag, where Twitterers post some of the punniest yet racially-tinged tweets imaginary. Would you like some Emmett Tillapia with your Trayvon Martini? See how Twitter pokes fun at Deen’s alleged racism in the tweets below. To quote Dave Chappelle from one of his famous “Chappelle’s Show” skits: “Oh Lord, this racism is killing me inside!”

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