Paw-triotism? ‘Mount Catmore’ Pays Homage to the Internet’s Mightiest Felines [INFOGRAPHIC]


I have a dream that one day, some future astronaut will return from a long space flight only to encounter a fully-realized version of “Mount Catmore.” The battle for Earth is over and the cats have won. Too bad, there’s no one left to open their cans of tuna fish.

We at NMR have analyzed the data (somewhat), crunched the numbers (sort of) and weighed the options (briefly) only to determine that at the end of the day, these feline few are the mightiest in all of cat-dom. And yes, that includes your obnoxious-ass Nyan cat — sit on it, hipsters (Legal Disclaimer: Nyan Cat is more Pop Tart than cat — deal with it).

This infographic is but a taste of things to come — we are wholly dedicated to envisioning the unlikely future of the planet when the internet achieves sentience — a darkly sarcastic place where bacon is currency, neckbeards are legion and the phrase “Cool story, bro” is our “Pledge of Allegiance.”

“Mount Catmore” deserves to exist. Somebody with some talent, dedicate your life to carving this, wouldja?

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