Peter Chao’s ‘I’m Not Racist Comedy Show’ To Raise Funds For Animal Protection

Canadian YouTube comedian Peter Chao is trying to prove he’s not racist and an “a**-hoe b*tch mudafucka” by performing a live comedy show June 29 at Vancouver’s Revue Stage.

The over-the-top comedian’s “I’m Not Racist Comedy Show” will feature the YouTuber performing skits to prove once and for all that he’s not a racist, but rather, just Chinese. Besides Chao, other acts on stage include Gentleman’s Vibe, AnytimeAlex, RobotSexMusic and Anna Toth.

Chao told NMR that he would have the audience “RAFFING OUT ROUD, all for the benefit of charity.” Beside his own stand-up, Chao told us that the show would include “a variety of musical parodies with Halfway to Hollywood and Gentleman’s Vibe.”


All proceeds from the comedy show will go to the BC SPCA, an organization that protects the lives of domestic, farm and wild animals in the province. In conjunction with his Vancouver event, Chao is asking his fans to donate $4,000 to the show through Tinykick. Donors can get perks ranging from a personalized video from Chao to a personal appearance from the comedian himself.

Check out Chao’s trailer for his “I’m Not Racist Comedy Show” in the video above and click here to donate to his Tinykick page.

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