Photo Of Gay Couple Reenacting Upside-Down Spiderman Kiss Goes Viral


Taken by Atlanta-based artist Philip Bonneau, the photo went viral this week after Bonneau uploaded his version of the iconic Peter Parker and Mary Jane kiss to Facebook. The photo was taken as a wedding present for Bonneau’s former roommate Dan Thrailkill and his soon-tobe husband, Joe Cianciolo.

“When you think of all the great kissing scenes of the last 10-15 years there are very few that just stick in the mind of pop culture,” Bonneau stated to Project Q Atlanta. “I’d say at the forefront of those is the Leo/Kate kiss in ‘Titanic,’ personally for me the Jake/Heath kiss from ‘Brokeback’ and probably more than either of those is the upside down Spiderman kiss from the first ‘Spider-Man.’ To me there could not of been a more unique passionate kiss than that that has resonated throughout my warped little mind.”

Much of Bonneau’s art, including his most recent collection “Heroes + Villains,” takes the images of classic superheroes and gives them a gay twist. Of course, Bonneau’s Spiderman photo is not the first picture of a gay couple to go viral — earlier this month a photo of same-sex high school sweethearts voted “Cutest Couple” was shared around the internet, making the two lovebirds internet stars.

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