Photo Of Two Unlikely Animal Friends Spurs Creation Of Reddit Children’s Book


This past Sunday, Reddit user Pianoangel420 uploaded pictures of two unlikely animal friends, a squirrel and a raccoon snuggling the day away. Because no one can resist the adorableness of animals snuggling — especially animals of two different species — hours after the photos were uploaded Reddit user Crappy_Doodler (freelance illustrator Sarah Caterisano) drew a color sketch inspired from the squirrel and his masked friend.


And from here “The Adventures Of Simon and Oliver” was born. Over 235 comments followed the illustration’s upload as Redditors added to and edited what had ultimately become a complete children’s book. As written by Redditor Virgoan, the story begins: “Up in the trees so high were two unlikely friends. Simon is a raccoon and Oliver is a squirrel. This is a tale about how they met and the great adventure they had together!”

To make the dream a reality, Caterisano recently started a Kickstarter to raise money for the publication of the book. Along with Caterisano’s illustrations, Reddit user StoryTellerBob has offered to write the book by editing down the hundreds of Reddit comments into a coherent storyline. Caterisano hopes to raise $7500 to write, illustrate and publish the story into a full-color 32 page children’s book.

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