Picture Of Woman Holding Dead Husband’s Hand After Fatal Train Crash Goes Viral On Facebook


The day before his second wedding anniversary, 23-year-old Christopher Peay’s body was identified by police as the driver involved in a deadly train crash. Leaving a show at the Outland Ballroom in downtown Springfield, Missouri around 1:50 a.m., Peay was speeding to meet his wife at Taco Bell when he hit a rail car. Peay and the car’s passengers were taken to a Springfield hospital where Peay passed away early Sunday morning.

Sitting beside her husband during his final hours, Lezlee Peay took a photo of their intertwined hands and uploaded it to Facebook with the caption “After he passed i took a pic of our hands with our wedding rings since our 2yr wedding anniversary is tomorrow :(“. The photo of the lovebirds’ last embrace quickly went viral and has been liked over 322,000 times on Facebook. The other passengers in the car have been identified as 17-year-old Jeremiah Devaliti, 16-year-old Phelan Walker and 16-year-old Malik Clark who remain in critical condition. None of the passengers were wearing seat belts. A white cross bearing Peay’s name and the date of the crash has been placed on the crash site.

Amid planning for her husband’s upcoming funeral, Lezlee has kept in communication via Facebook to share her gratitude for everyone’s support as well as the great loss she and her family are feeling.  “Went to the railroad tracks today to try and be close to Chris for our 2 year wedding anniversary. .. Me & the kids left him flowers and a cross….HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY I LOVE & MISS U SO MUCH, BUT I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE 5 AMAZING & WILD YEARS WE HAD TOGETHER & WILL CHERISH EVERY SINGLE MEMORY. OUR LOVE WAS SO REAL AND STRONG…I JUST CAN’T IMAGINE WHAT THE KIDS & I WILL DO W/O YOU. We love and miss you so much. XOXOXOXO HAPPY ANNIVERSARY….THIS AIN’T OUR LAST.”

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