President of Tajikistan Bans YouTube After Humiliating Video Of Him Is Leaked

Bad news: Remember when you got wasted at your cousin’s wedding and ended up assaulting an inflatable giraffe at the reception? Of course you don’t. Well, turns out footage of that ill-fated evening is now on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter respectively. Now comes the aftermath, which can play out in a variety of ways, although none of them are good. For now, you’re just going to have to wait it out and hope the internet forgets.

Unless, of course, you’re the president of Tajikistan. If that is the case, then you will probably just ban YouTube altogether as President Emomali Rahmon did when embarrassing footage of him surfaced on the video site.

In the footage (above), President Rahmon can be seen singing, dancing and having generally one hell of a time. The video was taken at his son’s wedding in 2007 according to the Daily Mail.


After the video was released by central Asian channel K+ on May 18, Tajikistan officials decided to avoid the whole “ask YouTube to remove it” route and just ban the site for over a week.

YouTube has since been restored in Tajikistan, although the existence of the footage has ultimately split the country’s population. While some admire the president for seeming human and relatable, many in the Muslim majority country are condemning President Rahmon for the glamorous lifestyle the video seems to portray him having.

As far as embarrassing videos go, the clip isn’t all that facepalm-inducing, but it also doesn’t cast the Tajikistan president in a flattering light either. If rated against the internet’s greatest embarassing videos, this one would most likely fall somewhere between “Star Wars” Kid and every “Gangnam Style” parody ever.


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