Quadruple Threats? 5 YouTubers Who Can ‘Do It All’ [VIDEOS]

2. Olga Kay

You need look no further than the moment in the video below where Olga is juggling while doing the splits to know that this girl has some serious versatility. But then go look at her fashion and makeup channels along with her music videos and her comedy, and you begin to realize that Olga has some serious chops (in addition to being a total fox). Add to that, she makes more videos in one week than many YouTubers make in a month and you get the portrait of an artist just beginning to explore the depths of her skillset.

1. Azoazotube

You know those Dos Equis commercials for “The World’s Most Interesting Man”? Well this guy could kick that guy’s ass. Blindfolded. With one arm tied behind his back. In his sleep. Meet Azoazotube, a YouTuber who has apparently committed to being the best in the world at everything. Skateboarding, juggling, martial arts, parkour, you name it so far, if it’s a skill, this guy does it better than you. The only thing he hasn’t mastered, apparently, is telling me his real name.

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