Reddit Photo of Wendy’s Employee Sucking on Soft Serve Machine is Latest Viral Fast Food Grossout


Some photos go viral because they reveal some fantastic aspect of humanity or nature at its most majestic — parents returning home from active military duty, patriots taking a stand and cats who are unusually grumpy figure into this category. And then there’s another category: photos that go viral because they are the sickest shit since the “Great-After-Chinese-Food-Buffet-Toilet-Disaster of ‘06.”

The “freshest” sick photo making the viral rounds, one of a Wendy’s employee sucking off the soft serve pump, is part of a larger series of emerging images from the surprisingly broad genre of “Grossout Fast Food Employees Tampering With Food.” Just a couple days ago, a companion pic emerged that showed a Taco Bell employee licking a giant stack of taco shells — probably from the Taco Bell I go to. I bet this is my local Wendy’s too.


The Wendy’s photo, which first popped on Reddit, is now a serious source of concern for the fast food chain. A spokesman for the group said they don’t find the photo “funny.” Especially since they’re heavily promoting their new Waffle Cone Frosty in anticipation of Father’s Day. Now it’s more like a Barffle Cone Frosty in anticipation of Barfer’s Day. Thanks, dickhead.

If these are the photos that get out, think about the really, really nasty stuff that happens off camera. Yeah, you’ve probably eaten your fair share of minimum wage snot burgers and eczema scab milkshakes.

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