Rescued From Animal Testing Lab, Beagle’s Harrowing Story Will Touch Your Heart [VIDEO]

[Cue tear-inducing Sarah McLachlan music.]

Late last year, 40 beagles were rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project from an animal testing lab in Spain and flown to Los Angeles for a second chance at a better life. All of these dogs had never seen sunlight, and many had been caged for so long that their leg muscles had wasted away. Thus begins the story of Ebbie.

Upon arrival to L.A., Ebbie would not eat or drink and remained sick from the toxins he had been injected with during his years of lab testing. But when he met a litter of pit-bull puppies, Ebbie‘s life changed, and for the first time he had a will to live. Now months later, Ebbie is living in North Hollywood, California, with his loving owner and her many other dogs. Created by The Pet Collective YouTube channel, the video of Ebbie’s tale of survival will inspire you and make you want to rush home to give your little furball some extra love tonight.

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