Rightster Launches Price Model That Lets Creators Keep 100 Percent of YouTube Revenue


In preparation for YouTube moving all channels into the One Channel format tomorrow, British multi-channel network Rightster is launching a new price model that will give their YouTube content creators more revenue.

They are giving their clients the tools that will help build their channels’ audiences from channel setup to collaboration opportunities within Rightster’s network. Rightster will let their YouTubers keep all their revenue made on YouTube, but will take a percentage of revenue made from ads sold by Rightster.

Rightster CEO Charlie Muirhead told NMR that their Audience Development Services they offer their clients focuses on solving the challenge of attracting increasing numbers of YouTube viewers to their channels: “In the long term the content creator can be sure that they have a partner that can grow with them. Rightster offers custom solutions that they can select as their needs change. For example Rightster Studios can support in creating Original Programming from inception of idea to funding and distribution strategy.”

Muirhead added that his company has improved their clients watch time by 37 percent and increased the ratio of videos to subscribers more than six-fold. He cites improved programming and scheduling as well as faster curation of videos and content as the reason for Rightster’s increases in watch time and video to subscriber ratio.

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