Rightster Partners With UBC Media Group To Launch Entertainment News YouTube Channel


UBC Media Group has just announced that they will be partnering with multi-channel network Rightster to launch their popular entertainment division, Entertainment News, on YouTube. Based in London, UBC Media is a leading provider of digital content and has made a name for itself as the largest independent producer of radio programming for the BBC. Entertainment News is currently going into its 16th year of production and covers film, music, television and theatre news in radio broadcasts.

In their new partnership with Rightster, Entertainment News is branching away from radio and will launch a YouTube channel and private portal on Rightster to deliver new video clips throughout the day. By joining YouTube, for the first time Entertainment News will be able to collect data on the tastes of their audience.


“Award winning Entertainment News continues to be the largest syndicated text, audio and video showbiz provider throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland,” states Philip Chryssikos, Entertainment News’ managing editor of content & partnerships, in a press release. “Having pioneered the creation of independently produced content 21 years ago through our [Unique] the Production Company division, I welcome collaborating and working with another pioneer, Rightster. It means our brand is in the best possible hands as we look to attract a wider audience and enhance our presence online.”

In the past month, Rightster has received a large amount of media attention after the distribution network launched a new price model that allows content creators to keep more of their YouTube earnings. By allowing creators to keep all the revenue they make on YouTube, Rightster has improved their clients’ watch time by 37 percent and increased the ratio of videos to subscribers more than six-fold.

“Entertainment News has been at the forefront of delivering the UK’s biggest breaking showbiz news,” states Rightster CEO and Founder Charlie Muirhead in a press release. “Until now its strength [has] been across radio and we look forward to supporting them to continue this across the multi-platform world. Partnering with Rightster allows UBC Media Group plc to focus internal resources and funds on content and strategy while we manages the complexity of achieving reach and revenue.”

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