Rihanna Tops Justin Bieber to Become ‘Most Watched’ on YouTube

S&M is just a little bit hotter than a boyfriend I guess …

The social media court of royals is doing a little remodeling today, as Rihanna, the “Good Girl Gone Bad” singer, just hopped over Justin Bieber on YouTube to become the most watched artist. Rihanna already had more subscribers than Bieber — her 8.73 million trumped his 4.9 million, but now she has it over him in the views department as well.

Sometime early this morning, Rihanna’s official Vevo channel pushed past Bieber’s official Vevo channel by 2 million views, bringing her total view count to more than 3.784 billion views. Also of note is that she did it with just 77 videos on her channel whereas he has 79. The numbers reveal that while Rihanna has a bigger reach amongst the varying demographics overall, Bieber has the more engaged fan base, so decide for yourself which is the better position to be in.

Expect their positions to swap every time one of them releases a new song though.

For more social media statistics, check out this infographic:

Rihanna, Gaga, Bieber Lead Top 10 Most Social Media Savvy Celebrities [INFOGRAPHIC]

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