Roman Atwood Busted By Government For Trying to ‘Wiretap’ Them — But Is It Real? [VIDEO]

I’m crying “fake,” but I like where Atwood’s head is at.

Roman Atwood, YouTube prankster, just released an instantly viral video of him turning the tables on the government by attempting to “wiretap” them back (literally tapping a piece of wire against one of their car antennae). Immediately thereafter, he’s swarmed by “government agents” with faces blurred out and, I shit you not, told by one of them: “You’re like all the other fucking idiots in this country — you think you can just do whatever you want?” (Ahh, of course, government guy has no sense of irony). Eventually they let him go — after deleting his memory card, natch. Good thing for all of us, Atwood’s camera had an internal memory system.
To me, this footage is just kind of too gentle and too “fake aggressive” on the part of the “g-men.” Would they really just casually let someone walk up on them unquestioned in this day and age? I doubt it. And why is he wearing a microphone unless he expected to have an interaction?

But I respect the hell out of the video and Atwood for pushing the “Is it real?” agenda. I want more videos that toy with my emotions and make me doubt what I’ve seen. I know this flies in the face of everything that should matter to a “journalist,” but I don’t give a damn if it’s real or fake — as long as it’s entertaining.

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