Saudi Guy Texts On Hood Of Speeding Car, Viral Style [VIDEO]

This video has totally shaken a couple of my preconceived notions about Saudi Arabia. First, I thought they drove way nicer cars over there. Is that a Ford Crown Victoria? Second, isn’t it supposed to be hot? Somewhere between the engine working and that desert sun, I feel like this fella’s ass should be cooking, but there he sits barefooted and casual.

What’s really disappointing is that he’s supposed to be pulling some bold move and acting “like a boss” but he’s flopping around and kicking his feet like a child. Man, you’re ballsy enough to ride on the front of a speeding car — act like you’ve been there before. Act like it’s just another day on the expressway. The texting is a nice touch though — it solves that problem of where to focus your eyes. Makes it less awkward for other motorists to point and stare when you aren’t leering like a goof back at them.

Of course this video has 1.2 million views in just a couple days, so everyone involved is doing something right. Expect the “patriotic” Florida copycat version of this vid to end much more comically.

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