‘Sexy Anchorwoman Calls Out Weather Lady’ is A Viral News Catfight — Me-Frickin-Ow [VIDEO]

These ladies — I don’t care what they say publicly — fucking loathe one another. There is a special sort of rage/hate going on beneath the surface of the cheesy on-camera smarm, and I dig the hell out of it. Somebody needs to get her hair ripped out.

Playing it down on Twitter right now, anchorwoman (former Miss Pennsylvania) Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson have a wonderfully vicious series of on-air snipes and jabs in this viral video super-edit. Grabbed from newscasts at CBS3 in Philly, the original poster, AmazingLife247, has apparently been documenting the back and forth between the two women for some time. Only now though, do we get to learn about it.


— Nicole Brewer (@Nicole_Brewer) June 5, 2013

My spider-sense is telling me that Nicole is an icy cold b*tch who everybody secretly dislikes but wants to nail. And Carol is the aging lioness, displeased that she is “only” a meteorologist. She doesn’t like that the doubtlessly “All About Eve” machinations of Nicole have gotten her in the anchor chair, where Nicole essentially always has the last word. This needs to end on-air, physically, in a kiddie pool filled with baby oil. Gentlemen, I daresay the future of news reporting begins now.


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