Soap Actress Crystal Chappell Stars in Thriller Web Series ‘The Inn’

After a long career acting in afternoon soap operas “Days of Our Lives,” “Guiding Light” and “One Life to Live,” Crystal Chappell has expanded into the new media space. In her latest web series, “The Inn” she plays Jane, whose car breaks down in a desolate town. Without money to pay for her car repairs, Jane is forced to stay at a local inn and begins being haunted by the secrets of her past (and the small children who creepily appear in each episode).

“’The Inn’ has story twists and turns that you won’t see coming! It’s amazing what [series creator] Steve has been able to put into these shorter episodes,” Chappell shares with NMR. In 2009, Chappell co-created and starred in the web series “Venice,” which is now going into its fourth season. Chappell is one of countless traditional media stars like John Basedow and Orlando Jones who have expanded their careers into the digital space.


“I’ve enjoyed my acting career and still do,” states Chappell. “After marriage and children, it felt time to get back into the web and ‘Venice’ was born. We’ve grown and learned much over the four years we’ve in production. ‘The Inn’ is a style of show I’ve done very little of and was excited to get involved! It’s thoroughly suspenseful.”

New episodes are released every Monday and can be viewed here.

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