Social Hub Subblime Lets YouTube Creators List Their Favorite Products Then Sell Them To Fans

For many YouTubers, adding a second revenue stream outside of the video site is easier said than done. Unless you are a top-tier creator, brands probably won’t be scrambling to have you endorse their product. In this way, making a living wage in the incredibly oversaturated YouTube marketplace is difficult — hence the advice given to us by dozens of YouTubers suggesting we not quit our day jobs.

Luckily, Subblime — a new social hub co-created by YouTube creator Elle Walker (What’sUpElle) — is trying to make brand integration more accessible for creators. Subblime, which already launched with Big Frame as a partner, is a hub where YouTube “influencers” can share their favorite items ranging from cosmetics to lifestyle products.

Upon joining Subblime, a follower can subscribe to their favorite creators’ pages where they can access lists and product recommendations as chosen by the creator. Of course, if the products are available for sale, a user can also “Get It,” which directs them to a purchase page.


According to a press release, Subblime “provides a revenue opportunity through affiliate product sales, sponsorships and other product-driven marketing campaigns.” This translated from press jargon means that participating creators, if working with a brand, could receive a percentage of any given sale.

Founder of Subblime Adam Winnick explains the genesis of the platform: “Fans frequently inquire about YouTube influencers’ favorite things and now Subblime can help facilitate community and commerce around those curiosities. We’re already seeing off the chart click through rates and engagement from our beta testing.”

It’s tough to see Subblime working for any other creators beyond beauty gurus, as they work with specific cosmetic products. However, other avenues could open up for YouTubers down the road. Maybe DeStorm could sell New Era hats and MysteryGuitarMan could recommend sunglasses. Just spitballing here.


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