Son Films Elderly Parents’ Tender Moment In Hospital [Warning: Video Causes Excessive Sobbing & Heart Melting]

It is no secret that I am the crier of the office. Put on a video of a military dad surprising his kids at school or a mother hearing her child’s voice for the first time and I instantly transform into a mess of snot, tears and tissues. Sound familiar? If you’re one of these people, buckle up, because this video is like cutting an onion and then rubbing the juices under your eyes.

Filled with more love than “The Notebook” and “You’ve Got Mail” combined, the “You’re My Sunshine” video was filmed by the couple’s son while visiting his dad in the hospital and captures his parents singing with one another (Carly audibly sobs at desk). So grab a tissue (or 50) because there will be tears — so many, many tears.

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