‘Star Wars’ AT-AT Walkers Photobomb Toronto Bridal Party


A couple weeks ago, photographer Quinn Miller created what could be described as “the best wedding photograph of all time.” Miller photoshopped a T-rex into a Lousiana bridal party’s wedding photo and made the dinosaur look like it was terrorizing them. The photo quickly went viral.

Now, Toronto-based photographers Danielle and Tony Lombardo have something that could top “the best wedding photograph of all time.” Inspired by the T-rex photo, they decided to get their friend’s bridal party to run for their lives on a major thoroughfare and photoshopped their son’s AT-AT toys into the background of the photo. The result was epic.

Tony told The Huffington Post in an email: “[It’s] funny how something that you have literally five minutes to shoot can turn out so awesome when the bridal party commits to the challenge. You really only get one take when asking women in heels to run for their lives!”

If George Lucas somehow intersected “Star Wars” and “Bridesmaids,” it would look something like the photo above.

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