Stop Doing That!: Internet Entrepreneur Launches Talent Agency For Vine Celebrities


Oh Christ, the day we’ve all feared is upon us — someone is starting a talent agency for “Vine stars.” No, you didn’t read that incorrectly –professional “Vine PerformerJerome Jarre and angel investor Gary Vaynerchuk have teamed up to form the fledgling agency.

Vaynerchuk spoke about the new venture with Fast Company, comparing the Vine craze to YouTube circa 2006: “I started a YouTube show in 2006, so I lived that phenomenon. I lived what happened on Twitter for the first year and a half, before quote, unquote, real celebrities were on it. It’s just so obvious to me that this is going to happen.”

Joining the agency, which the self-professed wine fanatic Vaynerchuk named “Grape Story,” will be Jarre — who can be seen above touching people’s ties — and rapper Riff Raff, who has signed on as one of the agency’s first clients.

According to Fast Company, Grape Story will help brands and their talent coordinate on creating “contracted videos.” So, if you’ve ever wanted rapper Riff Raff to sell you Butterfingers in six seconds then you’re probably psyched about this. For the rest of us, the living nightmare only becomes more vivid.

There you have it, internet: a Vine talent agency.


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