TFI New Media Fund Awards Six Projects That Focus on Social Justice and Equality


The Tribeca Film Institute announced that it has funded six transmedia film projects as part of the third annual TFI New Media Fund.

Each of the six winners was awarded around $50,000 to $100,000 from a pool of $400,000. The non-fiction media winners were selected on how they captivate their audiences around the themes of social justice and equality and how they get their audiences interested around multiple platforms in addition to video.

In a statement, Ingrid Kopp, director of digital initiatives for the Tribeca Film Institute, said: “These six projects cover topics from all over the world, from the fate of the Arctic to natural resource extraction in Africa to immigration stories within our own borders but what is really exciting about all this work is how differently the creative teams bring together stories and technology to engage audiences and create impact in the world. We are very proud to be supporting all these projects and to be able to continue to support the growth of interactive storytelling.”

The six film projects selected by the TFI New Media Fund are “Chasing The Sun,” “The Yes Men Are Revolting,” “Who Is Dayani Christal?,” “This Is My Backyard (Logs of War),” “American Promise,” and “Use of Force Protocol.”

The TFI New Media Fund has been awarding filmmakers who create films that translate beyond traditional screens and into digital media, especially digital storytelling, since 2011.

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