‘The Agent To The Memes’ Is Making Bank by Repping Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, Other Viral Stars

I’ve heard of “Mom-agers” but this is pawsitivly ridiculous!

Ben Lashes is one of those smart guys you hear about and go, “Why the hell wasn’t I in the right place at the right time to take advantage of that?” See, Ben Lashes, 34, is a meme agent. Or to put that more accurately, an agent to the memes. And his stable includes a litter of the internet’s top felines.



Grumpy Cat’s upcoming movie? Tardar Sauce (the cat behind the meme) and her owners can thank Lashes. Or what about Keyboard Cat and that Wonderful Pistachios ad? Also Lashes. We here at NMR can only guess what the musician-turned-agent has in store for Princess Monster Truck — the super cute kitty with the massive underbite. Hell, the cats don’t even have to be “real” for Lashes to work with them — he recently sued Warner Brothers for an unauthorized use of his client “Nyan Cat” (I’d preface that by saying the world’s most annoying digital cat, but if they sued Warner Bros., I gotta believe they’d go after me for libel).

Of course, Lashes doesn’t just work with cats — he’s also making brand names out of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy and the “Success Kid.”

Lashes got his start when Charlie Schmidt, the creator of the Keyboard Cat sensation consulted a friend of his about how the Keyboard Cat marketing should be handled. That friend happened to be Ben Lashes father.

“Keyboard Cat is like the Elvis of cat memes. It started it all. There may have been some rock ‘n’ roll going on before Elvis, but he really defined the beginning of rock ‘n’ roll and that’s how I see Keyboard Cat,” Lashes said in an interview with the UK Metro. “I thought it was a pop culture character that could live on and be an icon.” Lashes (the younger) took over the reins on marketing “the Elvis of cats” and his niche industry has just grown from there.

Keyboard Cat has made Schmidt roughly $300,000 — and Lashes gets 20% of the action. And with Grumpy Cat and others bringing in the same percentage, Lashes has a huge career ahead of him. It’s nice to see someone with a knack for turning CATS into CASH. I only ever turn them into “hobo stew.”


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