‘The Sex Slang Song’: 99 Synonyms For Sex Will Make You Wanna Get Your Schwerve On [VIDEO]

Parking the beef bus in tuna town, clam-stabbing and blasting baby gravy from the hump pump to the front rump are just a few of the euphemisms left off this fantastically comprehensive (and sexy!) list of ways to say “get your bajiggity on.” But I can also see why those three would be omitted, as they’re pretty gross.

This video, with its fantastic animation and cool aesthetic is the sort of thing Myspace wishes it was doing with its ads. And while it looks simple enough, Harold Anthony of Jump Off TV, creators of the video, admits that it is still quite complex, “The animation took over 60 hours and was all done on Final Cut Pro 7,” he said in a statement to NMR. “Initially we did it as a rap song, but we felt it sounded too sleazy. So we drafted in an R&B singer friend and told him, ‘Try to make it sound as innocent as you can.’”

Damn, I can’t imagine the rap version because this version is hotter than Tabasco sauce on a tampon. Man, where do I learn these terms?

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