TheOliWhiteTV: Offbeat How-Tos, Collabs and Interviews [YouTube Next Vlogger Series 2013]


The United Kingdom is home to some of the most popular and offbeat content creators on YouTube. Charlie McDonnell, known for his Charlieissocoollike channel, was the first Briton to reach 1 million subscribers back in 2011 and last month reached the 2 million mark. Dan Howell and Phil Lester are YouTube superstar vloggers who host a very successful Sunday night show on the BBC’s Radio 1 station. Both have a combined subscriber base of 2.6 million.

Oli White may one day soon join the ranks of Charlie, Dan and Phil as one of the top vloggers from the British Isles. The YouTuber from Hertfordshire, England has more than 158,000 subscribers and was recently selected as one of the 15 Next Vloggers for 2013. His channel features videos ranging from teaching Texas YouTubers TheseDudez “How To Speak British” to going on a dangerous “Salt and Ice Challenge” with Jack Harries of JacksGap.

NMR caught up White about how he feels about being selected as a Next Vlogger and what he hopes to get out of the program.

What prompted you to enter the contest, considering the fact that they were looking for vloggers who have overcome an obstacle in their lives?

Oli White: I just saw the application and thought, “Why not?” but it took some thought after having been rejected the year before.

You’ve collaborated with a few YouTubers like JacksGap and TheseDudez. What have you learned from these collaborations, and what collaborations would you say are your favorite?

I’ve learnt so much from the collaborations from learning new tips to seeing how someone else creates videos similar to you. I don’t have a definite favourite collaboration because they were all so much fun and very different.