THNKR Viral Video Documents Amazing 17-Year-Old Speaker of 20 Languages

Americans are particularly known worldwide as being a mostly monolingual culture; despite its ethnic diversity and rich immigrant history, only 1 in 5 Americans are competent or fluent in a foreign language.

New Yorker Tim Doner is one of the few Americans who are hyperpolyglots — people who speak more than six languages fluently. In fact, Doner can speak 20 languages fluently or competently, including French, Urdu, Hebrew and Arabic. What makes him stand out even more is that he’s only 17 years old and has been learning languages since he was 13.

YouTube channel THNKR followed the young hyperpolyglot in this viral video as he goes around New York City talking to strangers in various languages on topics ranging from the Middle East conflict to which Urdu book to buy.

See Doner explain how he learns multiple languages in the viral video above.

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