Thug Notes Gives You ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Gangsta’-Style [VIDEO]


Bite some curb, Cliff’s Notes …

Thug Notes is quite possibly the “To Kill A Mockingbird” of YouTube — not in that it was secretly written by Truman Capote, but because, like the mockingbird or Boo Radley, it would be a shame for it to die.

I flat out love this brand new series from the Thug Notes channel, which describes itself as “Classical Literature. Original Gangster.” The host, “Sparky Sweets, PhD,” gets his best do-rag-wearing George Plimpton on, as he breaks down the absolute treasures of literature, from Fitzgerald to Dostoyevsky. But with only three videos up so far, hopefully my man Sweets is just getting started.

His breakdown, which not only gives an excellently ghetto, slang-filled, summarization of the novel (complete with animation), also includes an analysis of what we’ve just experienced. I even learned that Jim’s broken arm at a young age was symbolism for “America being born with backwards ideals.” Damn, that’s heavy. Definitely it’s something to consider next time we consider pulling a “snatch-and-run” at a liquor store. Hopefully, people don’t just settle for the interpretation videos though, these books are classics for a reason. Consult your local libraries, kids.

Also completely worthy of your attention are the Thug Notes videos for “Crime and Punishment” and “The Great Gatsby.” If we could just get some Voltaire up in this mother, man, we’d be in bidness, shit.


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